to the
Ilot Ilov concentrated on copper
green, beige, white and black as dominant colours
for the furnishings.


Ladders, plants, and the owner’s mother’s refurbished hairdressing chairs from the 1960s mix up the salon and subtly point towards its centrepiece, the copper counter where interaction happens. Made from untreated copper, the counter evolves over time and develops a patina emanatimng from the customers and allowing to trace, as a process, the marks they leave behind. After just one year, the counter has developed character instead of ageing poorly.


The shade of green used for the wall behind the counter and the tiles evokes jade stone and complements the copper of the counter and the custom-made luminaire installation. The lamp was manufactured from copper tubing and links the salon’s two rooms with its six parallel triangles.

The salon’s sideboard was fashioned with Osis, Ilot Ilov’s special surface finish. Further products of the interior studio have been used in the salon’s furnishing: mirror holder HANK, flower basket LUCILLE, and lamp holder HOLD.

Rosa Karl was booked solid within three months. Today, Vienna’s gallerists, artists, and actors not only come to get their hair done; events, exhibitions, and installations also attract the crowds. We are glad!